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If you think that you have something to contribute to the conversation beyond the comment section, shoot us an email with some information about yourself and a writing sample. We are always looking to get more writers from different schools and backgrounds.

The writing sample should be something relevant to the present day, and could be but is not limited to: a game preview; power rankings; mid-season awards; a statistical analysis; postgame analysis.
Send us an email at nothingbutnescac@gmail.com.

5 thoughts on “Write For Us”

  1. Hello
    I like your site
    My name is Greg Sullivan.

    I shoot Trinity Football, I’d like to talk with you about sharing images in exchange for references back to my site?
    Cross promotion etc, I’m sure we are both two people with a time consuming habit and not much income to show for it

    Love the site,

  2. I am likely not qualified to write for “Nothing But NESCAC” (NBN), but perhaps I can be of some assistance. I am a fan of the NESCAC, particularly football. I am a fan of NBN. My son plays for Bowdoin; I will attend 6 of the 8 games. I will watch the other two games online. I pay attention to the other schools’ games as well. Let me know if you think I might be able to help with something. No worries if you cannot use me.

  3. May the Good Lord Bless yall and your football team. I grew up watching my Seminoles, Gators, and Bear Bryant (before Saban, Jimbo Fischer, Tiebow and Spurrier were born) Your College should be rightfully proud of your football team’s patriotic singing of OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM brought tears to my 75 year old Southern eyes. That is from loving parents and great academia. May the Good Lord protect and keep all injury FREE.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Simon Rosin, Esquire
    Florida Bar Number 0109006

  4. Do you know for sure that Amherst will win the NESCAC outright via the tiebreaker if they beat Williams? There are a lot of different opinions on this out there, including Trinity and Amherst will be co-champions in a tie because that’s how it works in the Ivy’s. I would love to be able to clarify things for the Amherst faithful. Thanks for all your great work covering the NESCAC.

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for reading! All our information tells us that the final championship rankings would be decided by a tie breaker. This was one of the major reasons for the switch to a nine game schedule; now every team will have a head-to-head matchup to use for these purposes. We obviously don’t run the NESCAC and these things are often hard to predict, but that’s what we’re hearing.

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